Light and Engineering

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Vol 25 No 1 (2017)
Published September 20, 2018
Light and Engineering

ISSN 0236-2945

Publisher: Znack Publishing House

Subject Area: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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George V. Boos
The Role of BL GROUP Holding in the Development of the Lighting Industry
Nikolai I. Shchepetkov
Results and Prospects of Light Design Development in Cities of Russia
Alexei K. Solovyov
Research into Illumination of Buildings and Constructions Conducted in Architectural and Construction Educational and Scientific Institutes: a Review
Gennady Ya. Vagin, Oleg Yu. Malafeev, Mikhail V. Martynyuk
Research into Light Sources Product Range, Assessment of Power Consumption and Electric Power Saving Potential in the Illumination Systems of Russia
Hongyi Cai, Mariam. I. Saifan
Can High Dynamic Range Images Help Lighting Design Analysis: Results of a Survey
Alla A. Ryabtseva, Anna S. Andryukhina, Alina A. Kovrizhkina, Victoria A. Lapina, Natalia N. Trofimova, Pavel P. Zak
Research into the Visual Acuity of Young People, Depending on Artificial Illumination Spectral Composition
Andrey V. Aladov, Sergey B. Biryuchinsky, Vladimir P. Valyukhov, Alexander L. Zakgeim, Nadezhda A. Talnishnikh, Anton E. Chernykov
Developing a Dynamically Controlled Light Emitting Diode Illumination System with a Wide Interval of Correlated Colour Temperatures, Tcс = (2800 / 10000) K, and a High Colour Rendition Index, Ra > 90
Wojciech Żagan, Krzysztof Skarżyński
Analysis of Light Pollution from Floodlighting: Is there a Different Approach to Floodlighting?
Gennady A. Kaloshin, Cergei A. Shishkin, Vladimir P. Budak, Vyacheslav I. Anisimov, Vladimir V. Zhukov
Visibility Range of Signal Light Emitting Diode Lights
Luz García Ceballos, Jose Ramón de Andrés Díaz
Definition of the Functional Unit for Life Cycle Assessment of a Light Point of the Street Lighting
András Horváth, Zsolt Sávoli, Balázs Kránicz
Spectral Reconstruction from Tristimulus Values with the Use of Principal Component Analysis and Genetic Optimization
Victor A. Zemtsov, Aleksei K. Solovyov, Igor A. Shmarov
Luminance Parametres of the Standard CIE Sky within Natural Room Illumination Calculations and their Application under Various Light Climate Conditions in Russia
Alexander T. Dvoretsky, Mariya A. Morgunova, Oleg V. Sergeichuk, Alexander B. Spiridonov
Methods of Designing Immovable Sun Protection Devices
Sofia M. Kudryakova, Vladimir Yu. Snetkov
Research into Visual Working Capacity and Fatigue when Operating with Black Text Against a Colour Background
Igor N. Goncharov, Alexander M. Kabyshev, Evgeny N. Kozyrev, Alan I. Maldzigati
Development and Optimisation of a Power Supply for Flexible Electroluminescence Panels
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